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History Notes (3.2.14-10.2.14)
From Toni Dimkovska

Summarising 3rd February 2014

Australians in the early 20th century were found to do anything for Britain even if it was against the majority of Australian peoples wishes.
Australian soldiers started resisting against the British Army because, they didn’t like the Britain’s decisions. Therefore the relationship between Australia & Britain started going downwards.
Australian & New Zealander soldiers gained professional skills that got taught to them without British help. And started looking down on the British as amateurs.
Australian troops hoped for a wound that would send them away from the horror of the Western Front. And when they went to Britain they were disgusted and displeased with what they saw, and wanted to go back to their home Australia.
Australians relationship with Britain started deteriorating because the Australian Government started making their own decisions and slowly breaking away from Britain.

World War II 5th February 2014

Hypothesis- that the causes of WWII have their origins in the peace settlement that followed WWI.

Brief History of Germany

1919-1933: Germany was a Democracy
After 1933: The Nazi Party, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, created a dictatorship.
Hitler was apart of the German Army and when WWI ended he disliked the armistice and Peace Treaty and despised the new Democracy, but loved the days of the Monarchy. Hitler worked as an Intelligence Agent, but then joined the German Workers Party. He liked their views and soon became a strong member. In November 23rd Hitler wanted to take over the Government but then was soon arrested for High Treason, which was life in prison. But he persuaded the judge to give him 5 years, which he only served 9 months of before being released.

World War II began because at the end of WWI Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles, but because of that Germany went through depression (as well as the rest of the world, but Germany was already in enough debt because of the treaty so they got hit bad). Meanwhile Adolf Hitler didn’t like it so he slowly made his way to power and once he took over (With the help of his supporters) the Government and started changing Germany and that lead to the beginning of WWII.
Axis Powers (Against us)
Allied Powers (With us)
Great Britain
Czech Republic

Other Causes of WWII 7th February 2014

Fascism- a political ideology that dictates that individuals should serve the state, which should be governed by a strong leader who embodies the nations will.
Controlled by one man
Used force to overcome oppositions
Believes superiority of ones nation
Opposition to Communism
A desire to expand territory
Appeasement- the name France & Great Britain pursued towards Germany. To give into some of Hitlers demands to avoid war.

Failure of League of Nations

The League of Nations set up in 1919 to keep peace but failed because it would always result in war.


A condition in which prices increase rapidly as a currency looses its value.