History Of Al-Qaeda

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Noli Timere It is known that it was a clear, beautiful morning on September 11, 2001. People would wake up and run through their normal routines and go about their day. What America did not know was that 19 militants, associated with Al-Qaeda, planned to hijack four commercial airplanes and commit suicide attacks against the United States. It started at 8:45 AM when the first hijacked American Airlines plane crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. The destruction was horrible. The gaping hole the plane left in the 80th floor left many trapped above near the 110th floors and left many killed instantly throughout the 80th floor and above or below. Many didn’t understand what was taking place, or what else was about to occur. Soon the towers would collapse killing many people and leaving some with lost hope.
Maybe it was an accident caused by the pilot? Wrong from right would answer that question. Eighteen minutes later the second airline took its turn to destroy the south tower. The aircraft took its shot into the 60th floor trapping and killing many like the one before it. As the World Trade Center was under attack, the pentagon had an airline crash into it, and there was a plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. This left several dead also. Could this have been prevented? There is many facts and one man that may have solved what Al-Qaeda was planning on September 11th.
The man who knew was John O’neil. He was a certain kind of maverick. People misjudged his efforts and special intelligence. He was the lead agent on the terrorism tactics in the FBI. The FBI was his comfort and every single complication that came with being a part of the bureau, he somehow found enjoyable. He warned a conference on how Al-Qaeda was forming terrorism groups in America, but no one really listened. John studied the tracks that the terrorists were leaving behind. He knew that when Ramzi Yousef attempted to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993 and failed, that Al-Qaeda always wanted to finish that job. He was connecting the dots for every FBI agent but somehow they didn’t seem to take notice. O'neil's personal life…