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Meghan Loutsch
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I honestly believe that in this movie if the main character was black and killed a white men the movie would have been completely reversed. The black man definitely wouldn’t of been able to get out of jail. I say this due to the fact that at the end of the movie the black man told the main character what he did to get in jail. The officers didn’t believe the black man because of his color with such a little crime situation. Now if a black man killed a whit man I think that the black man would have life in prison or even the death penalty put on to him by the police.
I do not believe the councilor should of introduced the young man to the new class. My philosophy in school especially since my major is secondary education is sticking to what you started with. It doesn’t matter if you like the class or not or even if someone is persuading you to drop a class you stick to it. In life this will help you peruse to become better at your job in life. If someone tells you to quit your job and gives you their option the boss wont tell you what to do and neither should your family or friends.
I absolutely hated how this movie ended. I though the young boy should not have died. Even though he was getting into trouble they could of made a sequel. A lot of people probably think that he was just going to get into more dangerous trouble. Although I believe that people can change and do everyday dealing with these situations. I would suggest that the movie ended with the young boy getting into a fight or some sort of trouble and then going to jail not prison just jail. Then when the second movie came out it would show how he has changed just like Derek. Getting into more details Derek would of got his college degree and is working hard and making good money. While his younger brother is in jail Derek is supporting the family and teaching his little sister right from wrong before she becomes a teenager. When the younger brother finally gets out he gets a job and his high school GED diploma. He then stays out of trouble and tries helping out with his family. This might all seem like a fairy tale but I think it would have been a lot better ending than the one that was provided.
Neo Nazis shouldn’t be a factor of life. I thought the movie portrayed that the whole entire time, which was good. Once you get into gangs and race nothing good is ever bound to happen. Its almost like putting a sign above our head saying you want to fight people because you think your better than they are. The Neo Nazis were not portrayed as an intrusion but the blacks were in this movie by how they acted. The Neo Nazis thought they had more freedom than the blacks and wanted it to stay that way forever so that no blacks would intrude on there so called property. When it comes to equal rights the Neo Nazis definitely intruded on the blacks. The Neo Nazis had way more equal rights than the blacks ever did such as the incident I described in paragraph one. For freedom of speech the…