History Of Argentina

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Madeline Ludwick
Spanish II

Along with many nomadic villagers, two key native groups existed in Argentina before the European onset. Near Bolivia and the Andes, was a group known as the Diaguita, while further south and to the east were the Guarani. Together the Diaguita and the Guarani establish the origins of agricultural development in Argentina. The Diaguita are also remembered for having prevented the powerful and influential Inca from growing their empire into Argentina. Juan de Solis was first Spaniard to land in Argentina. He was later on killed in 1516, and several attempts to found Buenos Aires were foiled by the local people. Local cities were more successful, and it wasn't until the late 16th century that Buenos Aires was firmly established. Regardless of its military success, native resistance was inevitably weakened by the introduction of diseases from Europe. Even after the native threat became slight, Argentina was still mostly neglected by Spain, which happed to be more interested in developing the riches of Peru. Buenos Aires was forbidden to trade with foreign countries. The obstructive trade policy probably did little to commend Spain to the colonists. The British attacked Buenos Aires in 1806 and 1807 while Spain was coming under the control of Napoleonic France. The colony accomplished to reject Britain's attacks without any assistance from their mother country; this showed a true act of strength. When the French seized Spain's King, Ferdinand VII, Argentina fell completely under the rule of