Business Communication Essay

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Kirsten May
Professor Balcárcel
English 1301
22 September 2014
History of Business Communications

If there is one thing that is absolutely vital in all stages of life, it’s communication. Communication is a largely used way to express ourselves. We can use words to trigger certain emotions, and sway someone’s point of view or choice. But how? By the careful use of words, of course. Now, we’ve been communicating since we were young. It’s almost strange to think that something that’s just a given, has so much power behind it, if the skill is developed well. There are theories behind (Business) communication, and if we can effectively use words we’ve learned throughout our lives, and apply it with the technology advancements, we have the ability to become a great asset to those around us.

A concept I’ve dwelt on for the last few months is; if we are able to communicate well, and use words to paint a picture, people will listen, and people will invest their time. Example: As an un-wealthy college student, working two jobs, why should I pay for the finer things in life, when there are plenty of people who have a great large amount of money? What would it hurt, if the decided to sponsor me throughout graduating college? In fact, it wouldn’t hurt them in the least bit. But unless you have an aunt who is invested in your future, who is wealthy, you’re stuck in this (what feels like an) infinity of work, to pay for college, and attending college, to one day work at a high end company. Now, say you schedule a time to meet with this potential sponsor, with a well-rehearsed persuasive presentation, prepare with a PowerPoint to top it off. The way you communicate with that potential sponsor holds your future possibilities, and how things will unfold.

Now, what’s the mechanics behind this all? Locker, et al clearly states “History of business communication is into two domains: studies of the theory of business communications (what experts in business communications in particular eras were advocating as good practice) and studies of the practice of business communications (what individuals in businesses were actually doing).” So, with that being said, there is a theory behind the art of business communication. There is the theory, and then actually applying it into real life situations. With the knowledge of both theory, and application (practice), it’s very likely you will do well, and succeed. The tricky part with applying the theory, is being able to adapt your knowledge and usage of words and making sure it’s personalized to the particular situation.

But why is it important to be able to draw certain emotions out of those we communicate with? Because, “It is not exaggerating to say that America's international position depends in some degree on our ability as a people to use words effectively and grasp their actual meanings.” (E. A. Locke,