History Of Caste System

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-3 important gods; brahma, creator; Vishnu, preserver; shiva, destroyer
-Hindu teachings recorded in sacred texts
-everyone has goal of existence and it’s to achieve Moksha (union with brahman)
-believe in reincarnation, rebirth
-reincarnation allows people to work to moksha in other lifetimes.
-Karma-all actions in a persons life effects their fate in their next life.
-Dharma- the religious and moral duties of an individual.

-4 noble truths. all life is full of suffering, pain and sorrow the cause of suffering is the desire for things that are really illusions, such as riches, power and long life the only sure for suffering in to overcome desire the way to overcome desire is to follow the eightfold path

Caste system
When the Aryans invaded the Indus River valley, they promoted a four level caste system. In Gupta times, the caste system evolved into hundreds of castes and thousands of sub-castes. The Caste system is closely linked to Hinduism, you work your karma and reincarnate into a higher caste upon reaching moksha. The lowest caste rank were the untouchables, the people who did the “dirty” work (digging graves, cleaning trash, etc.). These people had to warn others to their approach . The highest caste level were the brahmin priests and Gupta kings. Even though the caste system was harsh, the caste system promoted a stable social order. Women had a medium to low role in the caste system. They were able to reach a higher