History of China and Shang Dynasty Divided Essay

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Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro were two cities that had advanced social structure. They had sophisticated plumbing and sewage system, they built buildings made out of bricks, and made levees and man-made islands to deal with flooding. Cities | They had advanced cities; led to specialized workers; led to advanced technology;~~~ | Language | We don’t know about them | Trading | They had to have had a surplusUsed Nile for transportationRich soilSpecialized workers for surplus |

Herders from central Asia.
Mixed cultures. Sanskrit is there written language.
Vedas – stories of conquest

Chandragupta Maurya – First united Indian empire Well-organized government
Bureaucracy – managing government through departments that are run by appointed officials

-United his diverse people and brought peace an prosperity

Yellow river valley (Heing He)
Civilization still continues today
Geography of the Yellow River
Surrounded by mountains and deserts
The river valley is 10% suitable for farming

Xia Dynasty
We know very little about this dynasty; no written evidence

Shang Dynasty
Divided classes into Nobel owned land and peasants
Many lesser gods
Supreme god – Shang Di

China social structure
Built mainly wood
Higher class lived within city walls
Peasants and craft people lived outside city walls

China achievements
Developed writing
Ideographs – thoughts and ideas

Ying Chan became the king of China. He was the first emperor. He changed the name Ch’in to China because of a centralized government that he created. He built an army. He built Great Wall of China to defend china against barbarian invaders from the