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Erica Sargent Hist 101-09 Sep.8, 2014
The Stone Age as we know between the eras of Neolithic and Paleothic has its highs and lows from the modification to set the constancy between those times. From expressing the tough times of both eras’ lifestyles to government is observed as strenuous. Neolithic times were marked as farmers as Paleothic were known as hunters and gatherers. This agricultural rebellion conquered the practices of methods that were taught to each other to survive. Heading back to the past, discovering the wonders of an historic path we came from.
Paleothic era was the old stone era. This era occurred around two and a half million years ago. Era was they start experiencing agriculture and being known as “handy people”. They were hunters and gatherers as they use their light stone tools and wooden weapons. They ate plant food as well meat scavenged from dead animals. A homo species perhaps identified as “homo ergaster.” Species where they made their way northward from Africa to Eurasia. They’ve trekked from Western Europe, eastern China, and Indonesia. As they were getting their selves together from their main discovery to working out their government. Learning how to make it out of that moment of time.
The Neolithic era noted as the new Stone Age is characterized by refined stone tool making and the development of agriculture. They farmed in permanent settlements and raised animals. Also, became major of growing crops such as