History Of Computer Essay

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History of Computer

Computer is drive from Latin word communes which means “to calculate”. Computer is an electronic device that takes input from user; process it against some rule, then give out put to the user and save data for future use. First computer was created 4000 years ago. At that time, it was just a counting device. Long time ago people had to do manual calculation that takes much longer time and cost more labour. People always look for ways that make their work faster and easier. Since man is born intelligent, so he thought different ways that could make calculation easy. Counting was very complex and time consuming, so an earlier mathematician invents a manual device called Abacus for making calculation. That device was consisting of a frame that mounted with rods along which beads are moved. This device helps in adding and subtracting numbers by moving beads back and forth on rods.
In 1642 Balais Pascal, a French mathematician, invented the Pascal Calculator. It is also known as Pascaline. It is use to operate 8 moveable dials, which could add numbers up to 8 figures long. It was used to calculate simple arithmetic functions. This device was limited to subtraction and addition only.
In 1673, Gottfried Leibnitz, a German mathematician and philosopher, modify the Pascaline by inventing a new device that could multiply and also fine square root of numbers. It was called Leibnitz Calculator.
In the early 17th century, John Napier, a Scottish mathematician invents a device that can do multiply and divide. This device use marked strips of wood or bones, side by side. This device is known as Napier’s bones.
In 1801, Jacquard invented the Jacquard loom. It was weaving machine that was controlled by punch cards. This machine makes beautiful cloths that were better and faster than handmade cloths designs. Later on Jacquard’s punch cards phenomenon is used in verity of things that includes automated pianos that represents the music.
In 1822, a British mathematician, Charles Babbage invents a Difference Engine, powered by steam. The machine was able to do calculation and can print result. In 1833, Babbage start working on first general purpose