History of Dance Essay

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Triple reading-1st artworks properties in relation to other artworks in the aesthetic field. 2nd in relation to events and structures within society. 3rd in relation to specific racial or ethnic traditions.

1) Moynihan Report-argued that most of the problems facing African Americans were caused by a “tightening tangle of pathology” within the black family.

2) Cultural Appropriation-occurs when members of one ethnic or racial group adopt a cultural product associated with another.

3) White Nationalist Organizations-believe whites to be genetically superior to African Americans and Hispanics and vie for a separate exclusively white country.

4) Brown vs. Board of Education-the 1954 Supreme Court case that dismantled the legal basis of racial segregation in schools.

5) Involuntary Minorities-racial groups brought to or incorporated into the US against their will.

6) Fallacy of Undifferentiating Difference-takes racial histories of different nonwhites and flattens them.

7) Double Consciousness-A way of thinking about yourself through two pairs of eyes, one pair belonging to white America, the other belonging to your racial or ethnic group.

8) Ethnicity-shared lifestyles informed by cultural, historical and/or religious/national affiliations.

9) Ethnocentrism-intentionally or unintentionally evaluating another culture in terms of your own cultures assumptions and viewing the other culture as inferior to your own.

10) White Privilege-a collection of unearned cultural, political, social and economic advantages and privileges possessed by people of Anglo European ancestry or those who pass as such.

11) Race-is a symbolic category based on phenotype or ancestry and constructed according to specific social and historical contexts that is misrecognized as a natural category.

12) Racial Steering- real estate agents show white customers houses in all white areas; black customers houses in all black or racially mixed areas.

13) Superficial Representation- the process of appointing to political positions, nonwhites disconnected from the needs and problems of most nonwhite citizens.

14) Substantive Representation- genuine