History of Disneyworld Essay

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History of Walt Disney World
Do you crave speed? Adrenaline? Ultimate fun? Experience a flight into space, a thirteen story elevator plunge, a high speed coaster that travels in the dark and another one that actually travels backwards! If you’re looking for the best thrills and fun for the whole family, then Walt Disneyworld is it! Disneyworld is known for its classic attractions, beloved characters, and unique entertainment. Kids dream about it, the competition studies it, and no one has been able to duplicate it.
Walt Disneyworld is a world like no other. Since its debut in 1971, Disneyworld has grown from one theme park and three hotels in central Florida to a vacation resort of unpredicted size and scope. Today, the property encompasses four theme parks, three water parks, more than 30 resort hotels, more than 80 holes of golf, two mini golf courses, and an extensive nightlife, shopping, and entertainment district. An estimated 40 square miles of central Florida, twice the size of Manhattan, is occupied by the world’s number one theme park.
[pause]Walt Disney World.[pause] These three words evoke images that almost everyone has either seen or experienced. A world of fantasy, make-believe, and incredible thrill rides make this place the most popular vacation destination on Earth.
Back in the 60’s, Walt Disney had expansion beyond California’s Disneyland on his mind. And from the same mind that started Disney’s theme park phenomenon came the idea to go east. Disney searched the country for a place to start over and secretly found 27 acres of Florida land perfect for creating Disney’s dream world. Walt never saw his dream realized, he died in 1966. The loss of Walt was a serious blow to the company, and without Walt’s guidance, the company decided to model its first theme park, the magic kingdom, after Disneyland.
Turning Florida swampland into a Magic Kingdom was nothing short of a miracle. Thousands of construction workers labored day and night and was one of the world’s largest construction projects.
What makes Walt Disneyworld so special? It’s at Disney’s four theme parks; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom where you’ll find out what “ultimate fun” means. Magic Kingdom is the heart and soul of Walt Disneyworld. Modelled after 1955’s original Disneyland California, this was the very first outpost for Disney. Through the years, Magic Kingdom has grown adding new rides and attractions and is now #1 in theme park attendance. Its design is unique. 7 themed lands that radiate from a central hub; Adventureland, frontierland, tomorrowland, fantasyland, main street, tune town, and liberty square. These themes seem random but were all themed to promote Disney’s films and TV shows. In the center of the hub stands the iconic Cinderella Castle. At 189 feet, it can be seen for miles.
In 1982, the doors were opened to Epcot. Epcot was Walt’s vision for a Utopian city of the future with a little touch of Disney. The park is a synergy of two of Walt’s fascinations. You have Futureworld which is focused on technology and how it will change our lives in the future, and you have the World Showcase which is a celebration of culture and the global community that we have.
In 1989, Disney opened their newest theme park based on movies, calling it Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The magic of Hollywood come to Florida, bringing together a combination of a working studio and the old 30’s & 40’s Hollywood with all its glitz and glamour.
In 1998, Disney opened it 500 acre animal kingdom,