History Of Education

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Carla Antoine

History 600-1300
 600-1800 Beginnings
 597 St Augustine arrived in England.
 598 First grammar school established at Canterbury.
 600s More grammar schools established at Dorchester, Winchester, Hexham,
Malmesbury, Lichfield, Hereford and Worcester.
 776 Alcuin established school at York.
 1016 Canute became king of England: concerned about the education of poor boys.
 1066 Norman invasion: French replaced English as vernacular medium for teaching
 1096 Oxford: evidence of teaching.
 1209 Cambridge: scholars arrived from Oxford.
 1249 Oxford: University College established, followed by Balliol 1260, Merton 1264.

History 1300-1800

 1384 Grammar school
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Annotated Bibliography
Beales, A.C.F. (1951). History of Education Journal. History Of Education Journal, 2 (3), 86-94. Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/3659190. A .C. F. Beales presented the reorganization of education in England and Wales in his article History Of
Education Journal. The time frame was during the World War II through the Act of 1944. Beales’ writing records the fact that the Board of Education was the central authority for Wales and England and was created by the statue in 1899. The intent was to supervise the work of the local authorities using advice, inspection, regulations and through research. The board became a ministry through the Education Act of 1944. It was illuminated that the
Ministry of Education owned no school nor provided textbooks or syllabuses. The tradition of England was one that offered complete freedom for the teacher. The Act of 1902 reduced the local education authorities to four types: county boroughs, counties, municipal boroughs, and urban districts. While the Act of 1944 abolished municipal boroughs and urban districts, counties and county boroughs are the only remaining local authorities.

Annotated Bibliography