History Of Homo Sapiens

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Zane Heath

Homo sapiens were the most advance form of humans about 2.5 million years ago. To adapt to many of the geographical changes in the world they had to think more. They created tools, at first using sticks and rocks but then progressing to use bones and wood. Life was not easy back then and they also had to use several other ways to survive.
One of the ways to survive that they used was agriculture. Only a few areas in the world actually used agriculture but eventually it started to spread. It began in places like North America and Europe. Several other areas used it as well though. Metalworking also helped in the advancement of agriculture.
Agriculture led to many more people being fed which in turn led to more people doing different jobs. As all of this happened it led to changes, which led to Civilizations. These civilizations formed in five different sites. Four of these sights arose along the shores of the great rivers, yet they all formed independently of the others.
As all of these civilizations were arising, there were still more ways to survive needed. A couple of these were hunting and foraging (gathering). There were advantages and disadvantages to this. For example a disadvantage would be that the food supply would often decrease rapidly which would lead to people moving more often. An advantage, however, would be that there was more free time left over after short workdays.
As movement to different areas was underway and the food supply kept decreasing women learned to start planting seeds. This is how agriculture was started. Agriculture led to many more jobs to be done and this lead to people wanting to invent. One of the items