History Of Hypnosis

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The history of Hypnosis is a very popular and well known study of psychology, but is still considered a bit of a mystery even in the 21st century. Hypnosis is known as a “universal human trait”. (About Hypnosis: What Is Hypnosis?) There have been many ongoing discrepancies about the psychological details of hypnosis. (About Hypnosis: What Is Hypnosis?) Hypnosis is defined as “a therapeutic technique in which clinicians make a suggestion to individuals who have undergone a procedure designed to relax them and focus their minds.” Hypnosis can be used as therapy (Hypnotherapy) to treat conditions such as pain, anxiety, mood disorders, and can also be used to help people change their habits, such as alcoholism and smoking. (Alan E. Kazdin) Some believe that hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, while others believe that the idea of hypnosis is nothing but a hoax. (About Hypnosis: What Is Hypnosis?) Many skeptics believe that subjects are simply pretending to be hypnotized in order to please the hypnotist, others around, or for other personal reasons. (About Hypnosis: What Is Hypnosis?) The procedures to performing hypnotism are not solely dependent on the hypnotist. (Gravelle, 2007) The subject also plays an important role on the effectiveness of hypnotism. (Gravelle, 2007) It is important for subjects to be suggestive and receptive to the …show more content…
(A Very Brief History of Hypnosis) Hypnotism in Egypt was also used for medical and religious purposes in underground healing chambers. (A Very Brief History of Hypnosis) Many scholars disagree on their methods of hypnosis, but one believed method is that ancient Egyptian healers fed their patients therapeutic herbs and using repetitive hand motions over their bodies. (Dollinger, 2000) Egyptians referred to hypnotists as Shamans, who later passed their knowledge on to the Greeks. (A Very Brief History of