History Of Institutions And History

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History Lab #1 Institutions and History

1A. 150 years ago the man was viewed as the worker of the family. Women were stay at home moms. Their job consisted of taking care of her husband and children while the husbands’ job was to take care of the families’ food and income. Today a woman could be the head of the household. She can make the most money in the family and still take care of the kids along with her husband. 150 years ago this would probably not happen.
B. 150 years ago local communities still had upper, middle, and lower class people just like communities today. Back then, however, you’re status was probably predetermined by your ancestors and you’re skin color. Today, no matter who you are or what race, you can rise to any social class you want.
C. Over time schools have changed tremendously. They used to be segregated by race and blacks didn’t have schools until the 1860’s when they were freed. Schools now are bigger and there are more of them. They still serve the same function, to educate, but the meaning of school has changed. Now school is taken for granted where as back then it was probably a privilege to have the opportunity to complete school.
D. Church institutions serve the same function and meaning as they did 150 years ago. Churches are still used as a place of worship. There are more churches and a lot more types of religion in America today.
E. State government went from the north (republicans) and the south (democrats) to everything under northern rule after the civil war. Eventually the south got their state government power back. I would think local governments have an even bigger role now that there is a lot more people and cities. State and local governments still have elections where citizens vote who they want in office.
F. The federal governments’ function is still to protect and serve the American citizens. 150 years ago the job was a lot smaller, but with the growth of the country and all the events that have taken places the governments now has an even bigger job to do. The meaning of government is still a group of people selected by the people to rule the people.
G. There are still the two main political parties, the democrats and republicans. Over the years there have been random independent parties that have surfaced such as the Green Party. Each of the two major parties has a long political history with each other and shares some different views.
H. The meaning of businesses is still to provide a service or product that people can purchase from you.