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Framingham State University

Department of Fashion Design and Retailing

Course Title Internship in Fashion Design and Retailing
Course # FASH 496
Credit Hours 2 course credit
Semester Spring 2014
Prerequisites 2.50 QPA in all Fashion Design and Retailing courses, junior or senior status, departmental requirements completed, advance permission required.
Class Meetings Time: Wed. Jan 22nd 11:30 am - 12:20 pm, getting started Wed. March 12th 11:30 am – 12:20 pm, mid semester meeting Wed. April 30th 11:30 am – 1 pm, student presentation of internship experience
Room: TBA

Instructor Virginia M. Noon, Assistant Professor
Office Location H118A - back of 118 classroom
Office Hours Tue / Thurs 1:30-2:30 pm and 4:30 – 5 pm or by appointment
Phone Number(s)
E-Mail Address vnoon@framingham.edu


Course Description A supervised full-time management level work experience in a retail-related establishment. During this experience the student must work a minimum of 280 hours. A weekly online assignment provides guidance for professional development. A college supervisor and a representative from the retail establishment evaluate student performance.

Course Goals The student will:
1. Develop specific skills, points of view and competencies needed by professionals in the apparel, footwear and home furnishing industries.
2. Develop a practical understanding of the fundamental principles and theories related to fashion merchandising.
3. Learn how professionals in this field gain new knowledge and conduct business.
Student Learning Objectives (Competencies) 1. Gain a realistic view of retailing and the fashion industry as a possible career choice.
2. Develop a critical understanding of the target customer a particular business serves.
3. Develop an appreciation for the role of the retailer in a fashion marketing system.
4. Develop an awareness of seasonal concepts related to fashion merchandising.
5. Develop selling, visual merchandising and interpersonal communication skills.
6. Develop a sense of priorities in the accomplishment of assigned responsibilities.
7. Become aware of the important role of human relations in the work place.
8. Develop professional work ethics and demonstrate appropriate decorum.
9. Make a positive contribution to the business as an employee and an intern.
10. Use motivational skills related to the students role as an intern in the business.
11. Develop networking skills appropriate to the student’s future career in retailing.
12. Gain a greater understanding of a variety of career opportunities in the fashion merchandising field.
Instructional Methods Group and individual meetings, online assignments and feedback, mock interviews
On the job experience with workplace supervisors, customers and coworkers.
Assessment of Student Learning Objectives
(Outcomes) 1. Obtain an internship position and work 280 hours in the apparel, footwear and home furnishing industries.
2. All learning objectives are met through a combination of on the job experience and weekly assignments.
3. Weekly assignments are designed to apply the theory presented in the classroom by challenging students to find answers through individual research related to themselves and the internship site.
4. Interns are challenged to look at the company as a whole. Student will think beyond individual position and reach out to other departments within the organization.

Grade Points Internship Supervisor Evaluation 50%
Weekly Assignments 50%
Final Grade / average of scores 100%


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