History of Naming Atoms Essay

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HHistory of Naming Atoms

The names of chemical compounds and chemical elements when written out, are common nouns in, rather than proper nouns. This is for the words, not the symbols, which are always capitalized. Therefore it would be Uranium, and U .This rule, full name un-capitalized but symbol capitalized, applies also to isotopes and nuclides. Prefixes such as mono-, ortho-, tetra-, alpha-, and beta-, are not considered part of the name. Exceptions are iso, cyclo, spiro, and neo.
Stock for inorganic compounds is based on the indication of the oxidation

Monatomic ions consist of a single ion. The stock system is where you place a roman numeral in parentheses after the element. A binary coumpound is composed on 2 elements. Lavoisier worked to make the first naming system.

When writing the names of covalent compounds, write the elements in order listed. Use prefixes appropriately to show the number of each kind of atom. Finally, end the second element with –ide. To write the formula of

covalent compound, use the prefixes in the name to tell you the subscript of each element in the formula. Then write the right symbols for the two elements. IPUAC

Single atom anions are named with –ide. Compounds with a cation, the name is simply the cation's name. Oxyanions (anions with oxygen) are named with -ite or -ate, for less or more oxygen. The prefix bi- is a deprecated way of indicating the presence of a single hydrogen ion. In former versions of the