History Of Police Brutality

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Research Paper Police officers have more power than citizens, but that does not give them the right to abuse citizens constitutional rights. It is hard to understand a situation between a policeman and a suspect because it is perfectly legal for an officer to use violence towards citizens in certain situations. However, inappropriate behavior by a policeman should be addressed. Police Brutality is the use of excessive force and it is life-threatening. Police Brutality should be addressed because it causes awareness, distrust in policemen and assumptions of racisms. “It is very important for police forces to take situations of police brutality and inappropriate conduct seriously” (DiLascio). A simply quick decision can be isolated into a big …show more content…
“In more recent history, the severe beating of Rodney King at the hands of several members of the LAPD in 1991, videotaped by a bystander: led to rioting across Los Angeles” (Walter). King got allegedly beaten to death with batons and kicked and punched by a group of LAPD officers.When thinking of the history of Police brutality, there are several historical events that forms proof for this social problem today. “With increased attention being paid to incidents of police brutality, lawsuits are being brought against both the officers and the government for which they work, and a focus on the psychological conditions that may affect those officers that violently abuse citizens” (Walter). To sum up, police brutality cause for people to be cautious and aware of misconduct police officers.Police Brutality should be addressed because using excessive force citizens in the community policemen serve cause people to which they serve distrust their purpose as a policemen. them “In light of this, Obama formed the task force, to examine how to strengthen public trust and foster strong relationships between local law enforcement and the communities that they protect” (Rutkin). President Barack Obama tasked 21 US cities, helping them understand and be aware of police behavior. “As a positive backlash we have witnessed a long series of reform efforts that have made police officers unsure of themselves and more fearful, especially those who have trouble controlling their anger and keeping street encounters under control” (Abe). Killing suspects or detainees unreasonably cause the community to fear and distrust