History Of The Colonization Of Jamestown

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1607 Colonization of Jamestown begins. First women in 1608.
1619 First Africans(free or indentured servants), House of Burgesses meet first time, Tobacco Brides.
1620 The Plymouth Colony begins with the landing of the Mayflower at Cape Cod. (pilgrims)
1628 Slavery is introduced in Manhattan by the Dutch.
1638 Anne Hutchinson is excommunicated from the church and is banished from Massachusetts.
1640 Royalists have lost, Charles II stands for treason.
1640-1660 Oliver Cromwell, English Common wealth.
1650 Anne Bradstreet: First American Poet.
1660 Cromwell dies, Parliament gets Charles II to be king.
1675 Bacon's rebellion, held for blacks and whites. Organized militia to push Indians west for land.
1730 Mass. Small pox, Inoculation
1730-1743 Great Awakening Reform Movement, Old vs new lights. People can have more options, not decided by government. Enlightenment - Individuals become important, think for themselves. Ideas passed back and forth. Leaders are disinterested - put personal values aside for common good. Science - importance of experiments/observations. Gentlemen scientists, rich with free time. People exchange ideas because they can write. 1774 First continental Congress - convention about intolerable acts, punishes Boston for Boston Tea Party
1774 2nd continental congress managed the colonial war effort, and moved incrementally towards independence, adopting declaration of independence
1775 - 1783 Revolutionary war - Americans + allies against British Kingdom. Won American independence
1725 - 1786 Patience Wright - spy, made wax heads, gathered info from clients. never caught.
1760 - 1827 Deborah Sampson - teacher who wanted adventure, becomes soldier, chosen as orderly by gen Patterson. Fever, doctor finds out she's a woman, Patterson doesn't mind. 1744 –1818 Abigail Adams - educated, writes messages to John Adams about war preparations
1768 – 1849 Dolly Madison - campaigned James Madison, full time job as president's wife. Republican Motherhood - prepare next gen. separate but equal jobs,
1820-1860 Cult of domesticity - Men and Women are different. Women are angelic and men are animal like. Women are not selfish, understand life better.
2nd great awakening - idea that individuals matters, thousand