History Of The Russian Empire

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9/30 In class notes
Czar-Russian word for empire
Boyars- Russian aristocrats, dressed differently than rest of population
Table of ranks-position on social ladder based on how much land and serfs you have
Duma- Russian parliament

Gigantic, .5 Europe and .5 Asia
Founded by Swedish Vikings looking for trading opportunities
Kiev was the capital and birth of Russian civilization
Eastern Orthodox Christian missionaries from byzantine empire travel into Russia and establishes it as official religion
1200’s Mongols conquered Russians and turn them into serfs.
-Controlled from 1200’s -1300’s
Moscow gains independence by Ivan 1st
-Moscow becomes capital
Ivan 3rd-Founder of Russia 1400s-1500s
Considered himself head of Eastern Orthodox religion because he marries the very last Byzantine emporeror’s daughter
Modernism (strengthening on the state) was big during 1400-1500
1453 Constantinople falls and becomes Muslim
Ivan 4th- Ivan the terrible 1533-1584’s
Similar to Henry 8th
To increase his power he cracks down on aristocrats
1584 he dies
He had no successor
1584-1613 Time of Troubles: anarchy and civil war broke out due to no head of state
The Boyars select a royal family to produce Czars
-Romanov family, ruled for 300 years
Peter the Great 1689
Considered modernizer of Russia
-Brought educators and workers to Russia
-Wanted Navy
-Amazed of technology in France and Europe
-Tried to copy Louis 14th
-Wanted to develop economy and rein in the church
-Began building new schools and factories
Peter changes table of ranks and based it off government service
Peter closes down Duma- Russian parliament
Peter increase taxation of serfs by 500%
-Needed a Navy and Army
-Created army first