History Of The United States

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1. A scalawag was the name given to Southerners who supported Republican Reconstruction, while a carpetbagger was the name given to many Northerners who moved to the south after the Civil War and supported the Republicans.

2. Manifest Destiny was the popular idea in the United States that the country must expand its boundaries to the Pacific Ocean. The United States wanted to spread the ideals of freedom and democracy.

3. Lincoln increased the navy so that he could have more boats built to block the south from trading which was the Naval Blockade of the South. Also, Lincoln spent money for the military because there was clear and present danger. Lincoln did not go through the congress because it would take too long. However, congress approved after the fact because Lincoln did it to defend America.

4. One of the major three acts made by Lincoln in 1862 was the Homestead Act. The Homestead Act gave freehold title to 160 acres of undeveloped land in American west. Lincoln did this because he wanted to expand America and get the economy started.

5. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American War which was from the year 1846 to 1848.Mexico gave up 500,000 square miles of territory including California, Utah, Nevada, as well as parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming. The United States paid Mexico $15 million and agreed to take $3.25 million in debts that Mexico owed to the American citizens.

6. Mexico declared independence from Spain in 1821 and Texas declared independence from Mexico in 1836. Southern slave holders moved into Texas because there was a lot of plantations which meant cotton and money. In 1845, Texas applied for statehood and congress allowed Texas to become a state within the U.S.

7. The 11 states that make up the confederacy are South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina and