History of Velqinian Space Program Essay

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History of Velqinian Space Program VSP The Velqinian space program started in 1995 during which our president William Lyte proclaimed that we must be the first and foremost country to discover and venture out into the unknown. Today because of his legacy the VSP is one of the most advanced space programs on Vegas. So far three Velqinian space ships have been launched from Ground Zero. All have been successful and have long outlived their expected age. Now let us go into detail about these three daring space missions. The first mission that was launched by the VSP was the Discovery Space Cruiser which led three men Andrew Jones, Jonathan Brown, And Tyler Smith to the moon. This ship still even today orbits the moon. These three men were the first Velqunians on the moon and put up our flag and claimed part of it for us. One other purpose of the Discovery was to study the sun and our closest neighbor __________. The discovery gave us revolutionary pictures of the sun in many different styles. It also helped us gain an extraordinary of knowledge about our neighbor _____________. Now let us go into detail about the design of Discovery. The first blueprint was made by Brady Frey who is now a senior scientist at VSP. It was designed like a cylinder with a tip, and a small rectangular prism on the side which once in space expands into a communications and radar array. It was also equipped with a very large docking and refueling hangar we hoped to use to help future missions with. Its last modification was a very large refracting telescope to study our solar system and the stars. It uses Anti-Matter propulsion technology for fuel. The second mission was the Survivor Space Cruiser. Unlike the discovery Survivor was not manned. It was sent out to the Outer Asteroid Belt and into the Thrite Cloud. On its way there it made some basic observances of _______, _________, and _____________. It has now just gone past the outer asteroid field and entered the Thrite Cloud which is full of comets and other small planetismals. It has gathered us a hoard of knowledge about the outer asteroid field and we expect the same with the Thrite Cloud. The survivor is a lot like the discovery I design it has a communications and radar array, and it has a large telescope and lots of cameras attached to it. It also uses Anti-Matter propulsion technology, but lacks a hangar. One unique thing about the Survivor is that it has an Anti-Matter force field around it to protect it from planetismals. Our third