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Tanzania arrests 15 suspects in acid attacks
In Tanzania people have been getting acid thrown on them randomly in public. These attacks are very dangerous and can cause severe injuries. The attacks happened at a time when Islamist extremism was escalating in the area, which already has a Muslim majority. These victims include teenagers, reverends and businessmen; basically anyone could be a victim. All Victims have said that there attacker was on a motorcycle. Recently the Tanzanian police have arrested 15 suspects following these attacks on the island. The government will take precaution to these incidents: such as regulating the purchase of acid and other related products.
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1. Indian technology was very superior prior to the industrial revolution. Indian technology has been spread all over the world. India’s technology is the main focus on the industrial revolution. European products gained greater profit because the Europeans got their ideas from India and expanded their resources. Also Europeans had a much bigger product trade, which caused them to become more known and have greater value as well. India was more industrially advanced than capitalistic to me. The reason I say this is because India was very private, closed in and independent until the Europeans came and made themselves welcomed; taking their creations, ideas, and other resources. The British conquering of India benefited more from industrialization because India was already more industrialized advanced than anything.

6. The lives of the antins changed juristically 9 in many different ways when the antins first came to America from polotzk overseas. For example where the antins lived, how they dressed, how they