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World History 1 – Patterns of Interaction – Chapter 5 – Classical Greece – Assignment #1
Taylor Boyle November 16, 2012 Period 6
Assignment #1 – Pages 123 – 126.
I – Define each of the following terms.

1 – Cyclopean – (context) – “thick walls” formed with of containing large, undressed stones fitted closely together without the use of mortar

2 – Epic poetry – poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero.

3 – Arete – (context) – the aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character.

4 – Theogony – (definition) – the origin of the gods.

II – Answer each of the following questions.

1 –Sea travel and travel were important in the development of Greek culture and civilization because most seaways linked most part of Greece. Sea travel was also important because Greece lacked natural resources, such as timber, precious metals, and usable farm land.

2 –Since the mountains of the Greek peninsula ran from northwest to southeast it divided the land into different regions. So instead of having a single government the Greeks developed independent communities within each little valley in the mountains.

3 –Four negatives regarding the development of Greek culture on the peninsula would be

* Small streams were not suitable for large irrigation projects. * Uneven terrain made land transportation difficult. * Most of the land was stony, which made