World War 2 Response

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World War II Response
When most people think about war they most commonly relate it to mass destruction with many lives lost. It is the reasons behind the war which make it able for us to wake up everyday in a diverse country with many different ethnics and races we meet everyday. The United States has become an melting pot which every race is allowed and accepted but it was the certain events and historic moments that allowed it to be this way. Freedom was a rallying cry and language of national unity during the World War II mentioned in the book and it was exactly that. There was more restrictions and laws against different races before the war things would not be the same today if it was not for the sacrifices made for our freedom. The United States was originally out of the war due to being neutral in the beginning but had strong beliefs on how they looked at freedom an what has to be done to establish that.
Before the war slavery, minorities, and trying to eliminate an entire ethnicity has happened in our nation, freedom was none existent. Freedom is an expression an the right to do as you please everywhere. The United States was not established as a world power before we entered the war but knew that our role would seemingly increase as we became more involved for the fight for out Freedom. Our president at the time Roosevelt left in his message to the congress “These Four Freedoms are the very core of the revolution for which the United States have taken their