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1) Détente 2) Natural Rights 3) Mercantilism 4) Reconstruction 5) Emancipation
6) Populism 7) Rights of the Accused 8) New Deal 9) Suffrage 12) Industrialization
“economic transformation of society by the development of large industries, machine production, factories, and an urban work force”
“liberties to which one is entitled as a human being, as distinguished from those that are created by laws of governments” “period from 1865 through 1876, when the Southern US states were occupied by federal troops under the direct control of the national government”
“…include the Fifth Amendment guarantee against self-incrimination and the firth to counsel (also known as “Miranda rights”)”
“law passed… to limit the powers of the President to use armed forces in combat without authorization of Congress”
“name adopted by FDR for the reforms and programs instituted by his administration, beginning in 1933”
“the act of setting free; freeing from restraint or, especially, slavery”
“movement that began in agricultural areas in the late 19th Century, seeking government regulation to curb excesses and exploitation by big businesses”
1) Marbury v. Madison (1804) 2) Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) 3) Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857)
4) Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) 5) Schenck v. The US (1919) 6) Miranda v. Arizona (1966) Declared segregation Constitutional
Established judicial review
Established limits to First Amendment protection Declared the prohibition of slavery in the territories to be Unconstitutional
Set precedent for the importance of the rights of the accused
Regulated interstate commerce
1) Alexander Hamilton 2) George Washington 3) John Jay 4) Ulysses S. Grant
5) Daniel Butterfield 6) Frederick Douglass 7) Malcolm X
8) Theodore Roosevelt 9) Franklin D. Roosevelt 10) Eleanor Roosevelt