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4th Gra de Flash
K12 Customer Care and
Technical Support

What’s happening in 4th Grade?
No Checkpoints this week due to the

Math: Symmetry

Know how many lessons are required in a typical 5 day school week: Reading: Supporting Claims with Evidence

Weekly Progress:

PLEASE READ: You will see these Checkpoints when you log in to Study
Island. If you do not pass with an 80% or higher, you need to attend
Tuesday’s review session and take Checkpoint #2 by 3PM on Tuesday. If you do not pass, you need to attend Wednesday’s review session and take
Checkpoint #3 by 3PM on Wednesday. Preview classes will be offered every Friday prior to Weekly Checkpoints. You will NOT be invited to class if you do not take your checkpoints.

Know how many lessons are required in a typical 5 day school week: History News

Vision Statement:

President's day holiday!

Weekly Progress:

Math—5 lessons
Language Skills–Comp.: 2
Language Skills–GUM: 3
Language Skills–Test Readiness: 5 (15 total –this will be over in the 1st Qtr.)
Language Skills–Vocab.: 3
Literature - 5 lessons
Spelling – 5 lessons
History – 3 lessons
State History -1 lesson
Science – 2 lessons
Art – 2 lessons

Week of 2/24/14

AZVA K5 is dedicated to making sure a high quality public education is accessible and adaptive to all AZ students through innovative uses of technology, effective and meaningful instruction, and rigorous curriculum. February Work Samples
Come to the Math/Reading/Writing Lab if you have any questions or need help.
Feb. Reading Work Sample– Due Feb 24th: Raz Reading Assignment
More Details sent by kmail, be sure to log into RAZ Kids to complete.
Feb. Math Work Sample– Due Feb. 24th and is assigned in Study Island.

History: History: Unit 9 Lesson 3:
America Enter the War
Please be sure to select Arizona for your
State History Course. This needs to be

Math News

Language Arts News

No OlS session this week

Comp: No OLS session this week

AIMS Prep Class: Thursday at

GUM: No OLS session this week

completed by the end of the year. A suggestion is to do 3 lessons per quarter so you will want to do a lesson approximately every 3 weeks. You will want to have at

Math Lab-specific questions only Mon.—Thurs. 9-10 and 2-3

LA Lab (specific questions only) Mon.—Tues.
9-10 and 2-3

least 8 lessons done by the end of the 3rd quarter. Friendly Reminders
There will be no Math , LA OLS or small group sessions this week as teachers are evaluating data.

Science News
Tuesdays at 9 am
Optional Science Lesson will be assigned in
Study Island on Feb. 3. Due Feb. 28th.
See Study Island for more info.


4th Grade Pacing Schedule
**Remember – Optional Lessons don’t count toward progress. Math – Unit 12 Lesson 1
Literature – Third Novel
GUM – Unit 9 Lesson 1
Vocabulary– Unit 12.5
Composition– Unit 6 Lesson 5
Spelling – Unit 25 Lesson 3
Science – Unit 8 Lesson 8
History – Unit 9 Lesson 3
State History—Please be sure to select Arizona for your State History Course. Once you have selected it, the lessons and materials will load on the Online
School. All materials are online. This needs to be completed by the end of the year. A suggestion is to have 3 lessons completed by the end of each quarter.
Art – Unit 6 Lesson 6
**Hours for attendance and percentages are estimates only. Progress Reports are the best source for your child’s progress and attendance data.
Percent of progress: approx. 70%* (by end of week) (if your student started school on 8/6/2013).
Secret Phrase– Kmail you teacher your favorite song.
This is NOT EXACT for every student, please refer to your
Weekly progress report to confirm your student’s grades and


4th Grade Work Sample and Checkpoint
Schedule for 2nd Semester



When coming to lab– This is what you will see. Please be familiar with the lab procedures:) 5

Next Week’s Live Events
Monday, February 24
Parent Workshop: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Active Child on Task