History: Roman Catholic Church and Favorable Trade Rout Essay

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exploration and settlement
(1400s and 1600s) this starts with columbus landing here

exploration reasons for exploration indian spice trade- if you control the oil market then you own the world- during the trade they used the water- the Ottoman Empire controls the Middle East and Africa it is a museum empire- Europe is Roman Catholic- one group that the ottomans trade with is the italians because of the favorable trade rout

portugal prince henry the navigator
-compass- used to navigate the ships,
-quadrant- they use this so that the can shape the sails to control the wind
-in 1488 Diaz discovered the sea rout around Africa
-spain at this point is the strongest and most powerful in Europe
-spain decided to go west
-by the 1400s they knew the world was round
-in 1492 columbus found a new world

line of demarcation
- drawn up by the king of spain and the pope
- the spiritual leader of west Africa is the pope spanish century
- for about 100 years the Spanish will be discovering land and sea routs cortes=gold -in 1519 he discovered gold
- he conquers the aztec empire and gets gold
- now explorers are going to find gold to be rich
Spanish Armada
-happened in 1588
- the english raid these gold ships
- the king sent thousands of ships to England
-spain lost against England post-spanish armada
- opens up North America

english settlement of North America
-protestant reformation (1517)
-effect on England - England will break away from the Roman Catholic Church - the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church were very similar - they try to solve this with the elizabethan settlement - this made things worse
- divisions in the church - the puritans - the looked to purify the church - they want to remove the king from the head of the church - Puritan were openly executed because they were threatening the kings power - separatists - just wanted to separate from the church - baptist are hated cause they believed in fully submerging the body religious persecutions in early 1600's - separatists and Puritans kicked out