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Leaders that made French Revolution happen. ­Robespierre (Izabela)
­Danton (Victoria)
­Marat (Deirdre)
­Madame Roland (Santi) First introduce your person and then just say how they contributed to the French

Robespierre was a lawyer and a politician who delivered persuasive speeches. He was the leader of the Jacobins who took over France during the French
Revolution. Him and the Jacobins made the decision of executing Louis XVI. He brought some great ideas of equality and liberty. During the revolution, he also made France a secular state. He allowed death for thousands of men, women and children. Danton
Georges­Jacques Danton was born on October 26, 1759. Danton decided to study to become a lawyer in Paris. Dantons participation in the beginning stages of the French revolution was important because he was involved in the storming of the Bastille and for the move of the King's court from Versailles to the Tuileries. Danton also became the president of the
"Cordeliers" club, along with Marat and Camille Desmoulins. This group believed in popular dominance and the need for radical action to dramatically change the French society. He voted for the execution of
Louis XVI and participated in the creation of the revolutionary’s court and later became the president of the Committee of Public Safety. Many historians have described him as the “chief force in the overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of the first French Republic”. Danton’s thirst for money and power led to his downfall, he was striped of all his powers and put in jail and killed.

Jean­Paul Marat was born in Boudry, Switzerland but had French nationality. At 16 years old, Marat left his parents to study medicine in France and later, in England. He was a was a physician, political theorist and scientist. His journalism became renowned for its fierce tone, uncompromising stance toward the new leaders and institutions of the revolution, and advocacy of basic human rights for the poorest members of society. He was a really well known doctor, and a lot of very rich clients. On the eve of the French Revolution, Marat placed his career as a scientist and doctor behind him and took up his pen on behalf of the Third Estate. Marat devoted himself entirely to politics. On September 12th
1789, Marat started his own paper called “L’ami du peuple” (Friend of the people). Marat became an influential voice in favour of the most radical and democratic measures, especially in October, when the royal family was forcibly brought from Versailles to Paris by a mob. He advocated preventive measures against aristocrats, because he claimed they were plotting to destroy the Revolution. Early in
1790 he was forced to flee to England after publishing attacks on Jacques Necker, the king’s finance minister; three months later he was back, he was now famous enough to get some protection against reprisal. He did not back down but directed his criticism against moderate Revolutionary leaders, he continued to