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* Henry’s Clay American System * National bank (centralized government) * Protective tariff * Federal money for internal imports * The election of 1824 * Considered corrupt * None of the candidates won a majority of the electoral college * The decision was up to the House of Representatives and Clay as speaker of the house sail ill be your secretary of state causing all of congress to vote for Adams. * After elected Adams immediately appointed Clay as secretary of state * Changes in American politics in the late 1820’s * Wider voting rights for white males * Stopped property requirements for voting rights * Second Great Awakening * Preachers stopped the belief of predestination * Series of religious revivals in the first half of the nineteenth century characterized by great emotionalism in large public meetings * Spoils System * Awarding jobs within the party of the president * President elects supporters with government jobs * Trail of Tears * Referred to the horrible conditions Cherokees had to endure while moving West * The forced march in 1838 of the Cherokee Indians from their homelands in Georgia to the Indian Territory in the West (Oklahoma) * Nullification * Theory that states have the right to nullify a national law that they see as unconstitutional * If a state fid a law unconstitutional, they do not have to follow it and they could remove themselves from the Union * The South Carolina Exposition and Protest * Tract written by Calhoun in which the nullifiers got their name from * John C. Calhoun was the vice president * The Force Act * Gave the president power to put down nullification by military force * Results of destroying the Bank of the United States * Commodity prices went up, long stage of depression, shift money to state banks rather than federal banks, people bought land from the West to avoid collectors * Economic downturn with the panic of 1837 * Jackson did everything against the North * Independent Treasury System * Made depression last longer, hard money not gold, reduce nations money supply * Fiscal arrangement first instituted by President Martin Van Buren in which the federal government kept its money in regional vaults and transacted its business in hard money * William Lloyd Garrison * Wrote the Liberator (abolitionist paper) * Believed in immediate emancipation * Gag Rule * A procedural device whereby antislavery petitions were automatically tabled in Congress with no discussion * Shifting location of slavery between 1800 and 1850 * Went from Upper South to Lower South and then further West * The shift was because of a longing growing season and conditions * US Congress Slave Policy * Stopped the importation of slavery in 1808 * Cruel Aspects of slave trade within the US * Broke families apart * Severely punished * Raped * Etc. * Results of the growth of the cotton kingdom * Imported slaves illegally * Slavery became a big industry * It moved south and then west * Harsher conditions because people kept more slaves * Slave Codes * Not just Lower South, but everywhere, illegal to teach slaves to read and write, whippings were common punishments (probably all the above) * A series of laws passed mainly in the northern colonies in the late 17th early 18th centuries to define the status of slaves and codify the denial of basic civil rights to them * Justifications of slavery by owners * Same as factory workers * Legal in the bible * Greeks and Romans had slaves * Slaves weren’t people but they were property * Harriet Tubman * Led the underground railroad * Black abolitionist * Importance of Eerie