History: Supreme Court of the United States and Charles Schenck Essay

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I think that it is not ok to limit individual rights in a time of war. I think that it is not ok to do this because when the espionage act is put into place is directly imposes upon the first amendment of the constitution. The first amendment does not say in it when it can be used and when it cannot be used. Therefore it is not ok for the government to be able to limit what can be printed in papers or what can be spoken. What the government did by making the espionage act is unconstitutional and destroys the rights that are given to American citizens. What Charles Schenck did was not in any way wrong and he was using the right of freedom of speech. I do not agree with what the Supreme Court judges ruled because it was unconstitutional and the Supreme Court should have recognized that and ruled that what Charles Schenck did was not wrong and he was simply demonstrating his rights. The judges should he over ruled the case and Schenck should not have been put in jail for trying to get people to oppose the draft. The draft was already was not in the people’s best interest and Schenck was only speaking on behalf of most of the population that too thought that the draft was not the correct thing to do and that America should not be involved in the war effort at all.
When the debate started I did not have my mind made up. From the debate I gathered the arguments from both sides and then I generated what I thought was the correct thing and that was that it is not ok for