Essay about History: Thomas Jefferson and Chapter

Words: 1904
Pages: 8

Kathryn Drake
History 133-008
11:00 – 11:50
16 November 2011

Chapter 1
The Native Americans
October 11, 1492

1. Why do we say that Columbus discovered America when there were already one hundred million people here?
Even though the Indians lived hear first the Europeans did not know about them. The Europeans then started to move and discovering the “new world”, finding things that had never been seen before. It was like Columbus discovered a whole new world even though it was already there with people.

2. Describe the religious customs of the Mayas, Aztecs, Timuquans, Natchez, and Spaniards as noted in the essay. In what ways were the various customs similar? In what ways were they different?
Mayas and Aztecs were
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He seemed to fight for the rights of slaves, yet I had never heard his name before.

Chapter 7
Testing the Constitution
The Alien and Sedition Act

1. What were the principal issues leading to party formation in the 1790’s? How did the “expectation of the unity” worsen party divisions?
Hamilton is the secretary of treasure of Jefferson. Hamilton’s beliefs were different from Jefferson. ‘Hamilton wanted to attach wealthy American’s to the government by skillful management of the national debt and the tariff and by creating a national bank.”

2. The political rhetoric of both parties was especially heated in the 1790’s. Give examples of extreme statements by Federalist and Republicans.
A Federalists (Hamiltonians) “Fisher Ames characterized France as ‘an open hell, still ringing with agonies and blasphemies’ and speculated that such might be America’s ‘future state’.” A Republicans (Jeffersonians) Benjamin Franklin Bache referred to Adams as “old, querulous, bald, blind, crippled, toothless Adams” in his newspaper after a song “Hail Columbia” was sung for him.

The purpose of the article was very clear that it was talking about the debates with the two different parties and people’s views. I thought is was very interesting that Federalists were first called Hamiltonians and Republicans as Jeffersonians because I had never heard this before.

Chapter 8
Republican Nationalism
The Lewis and Clark Expedition

1. How did the