Essay on History: United States Congress and Senate

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Legislative Process Article I, Section I, of the Constitution states, “ All Legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives” (Harrison et all 365). The process of making a law is intentionally a long and difficult process so that there are not laws that are constantly being changed or added. First the process starts with formally introducing the bill, which will be presented by representative of the Senate or a member of House of Representatives. The second step is when the bill is proposed to a committee which is received by them and they determine if the bill passes or dies. If the bill is passed it then moves on to the House and Senate Floor to be debated in a committee, the Rules Committee is one of the most important committees in the House that has to have a majority to approve the bill. After a bill is voted by a committee of the House and Senate it is then review by the Conference Committee and they deal with difference of the House and Senate bills and create a compromise that does not resemble either of the original bills. Finally, after the House and Senate approve on terms the bill is then sent to the President for the final step. When the bill gets to the President he has three options when looking at the bill. He could pass the bill, not look at the bill, which will become a law after ten days with out the signing of the President, or he could do a pocket…