The Impact Of The Cold War

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The 1950s were an extremely harsh and very important period in world history (Greg Donaghy)
In spite of the fact that
World War II had already ended the turbulence and conflicts in international political relations.
Essentially the cold war was Capitalism versus Communism and an arms race that became one of the biggest and most threatening conflicts in the latter half of the twentieth century (Immigration and Population Statistics). Canada may not have been involved in the war as much as the U.S but they were in danger as well, and it defiantly changed Canada’s economy and politics in many ways. As you read this essay, you will learn about peace keeping, Canadian and U.S relations, and how the cold war changed
Canada’s economy.

Peace keeping is a very important aspect of Canada, and Canada has done major contributions towards the cold war and has always came with ways to make it a better country for people to live in. Traditionally, peace keeping involved the positioning of neutral forces between enemies( Canada had done numerous amounts of peacekeeping missions, but the first successful one was the United Nations Emergency Force in the Middle East (UNEF). Many Canadians, and people in Canada recalled that as an excellent illustration of how fair diplomacy and workers in a middle power country could help disperse countries with problems against each other. Lester
Pearson, the prime Minister of Canada was a very intelligent man, and he was known to many
Canadians to be a man of his words (Sean M. Maloney, "Canada and UN Peacekeeping--Cold
War). The reason being is because it was him who proposed UNEF to the United Nations. This brought in a lot of peace for Israel and the Arabs, and for that
Canada’s Minister won the Nobel Prize for the UNEF and most importantly, because of the peace that was brought to Israel and Arabs. There peace held for a decade 1956 -1967. Then again the world was at ease when there was peace between the two countries. Unfortunately, in
1967, when the UNEF left the Middle East, once again, the war had broken out between the
Arabs and Israelis.
Lester Pearson did not think this would happen so the Peace keeping measures had not been provided for the Minister’s decision, and that’s why Pearson had to think of something quick.
Despite this challenge, the Peace keeping for Canada was not over yet, thanks to the Defense
White paper in 1994, the number of Canadian soldiers that had been called reported to serve for the UN operations of Peace keeping had gone up by 3000 soldiers.

Canada’s relationship with the U.S.A during the World War 2 was very strong because they had both stuck by each other’s side during every battle that had occurred at World War 2and the Cold war, even though Canada had made some decisions of its own, but to this day they are still allies. The Cold
War made the U.S realize that they can trust the Canadians. So what they did was they permitted defense policies and trade policies between the two countries, for an advancement of trade policies. Though, at the same time, there were causes of extreme tensions that were rising between the nations in terms of independence. As well, during the 1945 to 1957, of the problems were the defense policies in Canada.
That was during the cold war. Canada may have copied some of Americas policies, but overall, it formed its very own defense and foreign policies. The cold war brought in a very rocky but helpful relationship between the United States and Canada. Canada wanted to speak up for its own country and stand up for it and most importantly to keep its own foreign policy and to continue this for its future of its people. Over all, the relationship between these two power full nations is that they cope with each other quite well.
Culture wise, they both have very diverse cultures due to the fact that there