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Thousands rescued by the fisherman Hitler’s Germany strikes again on Sunday may 26th till June 4th, the British royal navy and a fleet of British boats which were being used by fisherman and ordinary citizens saved a quarter million of the French and British soldiers from Dunkirk. On May 10th, German forces launched lethal and deadly attacks on France, Netherlands and Belgium. They were closely supported by their air forces and pinned the French and British soldiers. They entered through Netherlands and ambushed them. Germans reached the English Channel on May 21st and cut off the British soldiers from most of French army. Canada was also involved in the sad and tragic events of Dunkirk. Canadians destroyers also helped significantly to evacuate soldiers from French coast but the hmcs Fraser got lost with at least 19 British soldiers in it when it was accidentally sliced in half during the night by a British cruise due to poor visibility. After Germany’s invasion of Poland, the French and the British declared war on Germany but this war felt different because months had been passed by and no country took the initiative and rather it was called a “phony war” by the British. Since no country was taking the initiative, the Germans were lightning fast and invaded Denmark and Norway. We were also lucky to get an interview by one of the fisherman who saved the lives of some soldiers. He said “it felt amazing saving somebodies life who was fighting for the interests of our country. These people have been my inspiration and saving their life is the best deed I have ever done in my life and I feel proud”. These ordinary citizens made a massive impact by saving these soldiers. Twice the number of soldiers returned home than the British government estimated off. We also got an exclusive interview from a soldier of this battle and let’s look up what he has to say. “There were dead bodies floating in the water, shots were being fired at us, there was blood in the water everywhere I looked and screams of pain I could hear off. We were under constant attack by machine guns and bombs were also coming in our direction. It was a miracle that I had survived this battle and rest in peace to my brothers who fought this battle alongside with me”.

Bloodshed on the port of Dieppe

War was fought on the French port of Dieppe on the English Channel coast. British and Canada were together in this war and their opposition were the Germans. Canada had 5000 troops of the 2nd infantry division and British also had approximately a number of thousand troops with them. Canada’s objective was to make a successful assault on the German occupied Europe through water. However sources have