History: World War I and Erich Maria Remarque Essay

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All Quite on the Western Front: A Casualty of Love War does not determine who is right, only who is left. In the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, Paul Bäumer contemplates over why men of million are sent to fight out a dispute that originated between just two. In the story, a young Paul Bäumer is sent to fight in World War I on the Western Front against Russia. During his service Paul and the friends he has in the Second Company are put through many rigors and experience the onslaught and primitiveness of trench warfare and life along the front. All Quite on the Western Front does a remarkable job describing the bravado and destruction of the German military force, the insanity of modern warfare, and the role of friendship in the life of a young soldier. At the start of the war and throughout the up until the end, Germany fought with great force. Remarque offers a more descriptive view of what historians might say regarding Germany’s part in the war. It is mentioned in the book Paul’s ruthlessness, many a times Paul refers to him and the soldiers being trained to become wild animals. Initially one America Moreover is what the modern warfare may do psychologically. In “real life” many veterans of WWI may have come home with post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s insane to think someone can be stuck in that combat mindset, always afraid someone could be trying to kill them. At one point in the novel on page 134, Paul recalls the severe injuries seen during a bombardment such as men with no feet, or intestines spilling over their clasped hands. These horrendous sights can take a strong toll on one’s mental health. Another example showing the insanity of this modern warfare is when injured soldiers are taken to the dressing stations. At the slightest cut or gash, the doctor would amputate the affected body part. It takes too much time to do otherwise, and even after becoming an amputee, the soldier may have to return to the front line soon after. With this kind of hectic thing, you’d be lucky to have someone there comforting you. In which case, the role of friendship may have been highly valued. Paul Bäumer enlists in the