Essay on History of Management Theory----Human Relations Movement

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Human relations movement emerged around the beginning of twenty century. It is defined as ¡°a movement in management thinking and practice that emphasized satisfaction of employees¡¯ basic needs as the key to increased worker productivity.¡±(Samson, D., Daft.2005.P.60) To research about the impacts of human relations movement in New Zealand based company is the core of this essay, and in this case, the example of New Zealand based company is OCEANZ seafood Ltd, which is one of the biggest companies in New Zealand seafood industry, and I have been in this company for nearly one year. Because it is impossible to cover all aspects of the human relations movement, I will relate the Hawthorne Studies (Bartol, K., Martin, D.,Tein
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Every worker work in OCEANZ, they have an employment contract, which includes all the details between the OCEANZ and individual, also involve about the remuneration. According to the employment contract, OCEANZ has responsibility to satisfy the employees¡¯ needs, but sometimes, it is not enough to motivate the potential of employees, so many New Zealand companies have reward system. Like someone works very well and hard work, the management will give this man pay raise or other reward. For example: the OCEANZ company has a hundred dollars excellent work reward for the hard-work staff. This is also a good way to keep the good staff to stay, and improve the productivity.

Working together and encouraging
¡°Work should be seen as a group rather than individual activity,¡± (Bartol, K., Tein, M., Matthews, G., Martin, D., (2005)) ¡°Humanistic supervision plus morale equals productivity.¡± (O'Connor, E. (1999)) Personally, Humanistic supervision involved social activities. Depend on the views of Mayo, an eligible manager or supervisor should have social as well as technical skills. (Samson, D., Daft, R. (2005)) To manage a company, actually, that is to treat the people, who work in company. Staff is power of a company, and management is a soul of a company. There is only way, which is cooperation, to motivate maximum of company¡¯s potential, it means all the