History of Michigan Essay

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1.The term "Three Fires" refers to the dominant tribes in Michigan during the early 1600s. The three tribes were:
A) Sauk, Fox, and Algonquin
B) Cherokee, Shawnee, and Sioux
C) Ottawa, Chippewa, and Potawatomi
D) Iroquois, Delaware, and Miami
2.How long had Native Americans lived on the North American continent before the first Europeans arrived?
A) 8,000 years
B) 14,000 years
C) 10,000 years
D) 5,000 years
3.In Carl Sandburg's poem, "Four Preludes on Playthings on the Wind," words left behind in the ruins of an ancient civilization proclaim, "We are the greatest city, they greatest nation: nothing like us ever was." Sandburg includes a definite statement about the past--what is it?
A) The past is gone.
B) The past is nothing but the
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In 1679 he set sail across Lake Erie and reached the Detroit River. What was the name of La Salle's ship?
A) Golden Hind
B) Discovery
C) L'Ocean
D) Griffon
16.While England and France had been at war three times between 1648-1748, the Michigan area had never been seriously affected; but this all changed with the outbreak of what war?
A) Hundred Years' War
B) Queen Anne's War
C) French and Indian War (known in Europe as the Seven Years' War)
D) War of the Roses
17.Please match each term below with the correct definitions.
A. General Edward Braddock - A British commander who was sent from England with 1500 men to fight the French during the French & Indian War. (He disregarded advice from colonial military men and was killed with 977 of his men on July 9, 1755.)
B. ribbon farms - Land grants given by Antoine Cadillac. Each individual plot was usually 400-600 feet wide x 1 1/2 to 3 miles in length and fronted the Detroit River.
C. Major Robert Rogers - British officer who accepted the surrender of Fort Pontchartrain from French Captain Francois de Bellestre on November 29, 1760, thus ending French