History s Worst Jobs Essay

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History’s Worst Jobs: The Roman/ Anglo Saxon Period
The Anglo Saxon period has always been portrayed as time of ignorance and brutality - a mysterious and myth-ridden period of history so lacking in culture and civilization it is known simply as the Dark Ages. And in this the Dark Ages, there have always been plenty of gruesome and stomach turning jobs to do for any reasons. In the hundreds jobs, those three jobs mostly represent this periods: The Guillemot Egg Collector, The Viking Warrior and The Bog Iron Hunter.
Firstly. The Guillemot Egg Collector was a worst job in the history; because of this is a very dangers job. The guillemot Egg Collector was defended the people collected guillemot eggs meant risking life and limb hundreds of feet above jagged rocks and raging seas. Because of farming could be unpredictable and food scarce, so guillemot eggs were an important source of protein in the Saxon peasant’s diet. As an egg collector you would have to walk backwards off of a rock face where you could then accidentally be bashed against the rocks or even worse have your rope made of stinging nettles shred and plunge to your death. Of course, there is also the challenge of actually collecting the eggs once you are dangling hundreds of feet off the ground.
Secondly, The Viking Warrior was worst jobs in the history; because of they are having very baneful living environment. Viking warriors had to get from their homeland to Britain. This meant long voyages across stormy seas, rowing for hours on end. They were travel to unsuspecting villages, pillage it for gold, abscond with the maidens and defend what they had rightfully stolen from warriors from other tribes. Some nautical and battle skills are necessary, and a great deal of politicking as well—get on the wrong side of the ship’s captain, and they could be left stranded on a deserted iceberg. While better off than a