Hitch: Allergy and Past Relationships Woes Essay

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In the film, Hitch is portrayed as a confident gentleman who can help any man achieve any woman based on his golden rule regarding women. In actuality, Hitch is confident in his dealings with other relationships and not in his own due to past relationships woes. Sara, on the other hand, is super confident but it’s very lonely. The lack of confidence that he has in his own relationships and her super confidence causes them to clash when they could actually take the time to hear each other out. Instances when communication they realize that they are comfortable and content with each other.
The first instance of communication conflict between Alex and Sara occurs when they attend the food event where Sara is trying to find out how Hitch obtained tickets to an event that he had nothing to do with. Sara, a gossip columnist, is busy trying to divulge information that can be used for her column when Hitch is having an allergic reaction to the food. If Hitch was more aware of what he was eating instead of ‘sparring’ with Sara, he would have realized that he could not eat what was on the menu do to food allergies. Lack of communication to Sara regarding his find allergies could have prevented such an occurrence of food allergy from happening.
The next instance of lack of communication between the two occurs when Sara realizes that Hitch is the ‘date doctor’. Sara goes by the notion of her best friend’s mishap with a gentleman who claims that Hitch set them up for a one night stand.…