Essay on Hitchcock has used an effective range of film techniques in his 1960 film Psycho

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Hitchcock has used an effective range of film techniques in his 1960 film Psycho. Props, camera angels and shots, dialogue and lighting are used in a way that helps to clearly explain and define the character of antagonist Norman Bates’ played by Anthony Perkins. During the Parlor scene we re introduced to Norman’s abnormal affections for his mother Mrs. Bates and the duality of his mind and personality.

Norman Bates is presented as a man not to be trusted. Props are used in a distinct yet somewhat effective way. In relation to the murders of Mrs. Bates & her defacto, Arbogast & Marion, Norman’s taxidermy hobby of stuffing birds shows the murderous and manipulative side of his personality. In order to continue his hobby, Norman would have to kill the birds, if he were unsuccessful he would not have anything to pursue his hobby. Norman brings Marion a jug of milk, in which milk symbolises life. We drink milk from our mothers when we are babies to live and now Norman is taking her life away. In the parlor room, there is a range of old antique furniture, which was there when Mrs. Bates’ defacto convinced her to start the Bates Motel after her husband (Norman’s father) had died. Because the furniture is old, this is a representation of Mrs. Bates’ old soul that lies in the body Of Norman.

Main camera angles of Norman that were used were from a below angle which then higher authority over Marion is shown. Norman is trying to gain this authority because he is collecting information about her to create a sick sense in his mind in order to feed his mothers character who has previously murdered several other people. Close up shots show the worried, nervous and aggressive emotions of Normans face. Mid-shots show Normans intrigued but also defensive body language towards