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1. Who are the Customers of Mitchell and his HR Staff?
The customer’s of Mitchell and his HR staff could be considered to be every employee of the Bank of Montreal. This would include Executives, Directors, Line Managers, and even the employees. Secondarily, he would have customers at the parent company of the Bank of Montreal, SBC. Finally, Mitchells’ staff would also be responsible directly to the end customers of the Bank of Montreal. According to Shurtleff (1998), the customer of HR is anyone that is a stake holder in the organization. However, Shurtleff (1998) further breaks down those individuals into the following four groups:
1) Customers: Are those that make a buying decision. That is to say, a individual that can decide
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Revise as necessary before implementation. Implement critical agendas, plans and policies.
HR and Line Managers may be heavily involved in retraining during this stage.
Line Managers need to help enforce and overcome fear about the changes.
HR needs to be flexible and work with all the stakeholders during the implementation process. Before, during and after implementation of any agendas, HR needs to be evaluating its effect at every level.
HR and to some extent, senior management needs to be flexible to ensure that new policies are not a hindrance to the over process.
Any policies that are found to be defiant, need to be re-evaluated and chaged.

(Jackson & Schuler, 2006, p. 150)

1. Based on what you know about HITEK companies what are some likely strategic objectives for HITEK? Given these, what should be the objective of HITEK’s HR department? Do you think these are objectives that guide the behaviors of Isabelle Rains.?

HITEK would have strategic goals to grow the organization, keep ahead of its competitors, utilize cutting edge technology, and maintain a highly qualified and technical staff. It should be the goal of HR Department to align decisions about people with decisions about the results their organization is trying to obtain (Guban, 2008 p. 14). They should be integrating human resources management (HRM) into the agency planning process, emphasizing HR activities that support broad agency strategic goals, and building a strong