Hitler: Adolf Hitler and Nazi Party Essay

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Following World War 1, Germany was left in distress lacking a strong government able to bring Germany back to its era of greatness. Adolf Hitler seized this opportunity to build the new political party, the Nazis, in order to take over and recreate Germany’s political system. Hitler planned to abolish the existing government and free German people from the neighboring countries’ strict restraints. Adolf Hitler’s charismatic attitude and approach to politics won over the hearts of the German people, and the Nazi Party continued to gain support after they abolished the Treaty of Versailles and improved the weak economy.
When Germans learned of Germany’s exclusion from the writing of the Treaty of Versailles, immense hostility spread throughout the country and Hitler and his Nazi Party sought to abolish the dictated treaty. After Hitler’s request that the Treaty of Versailles be annulled was denied, he ignored and disobeyed specific orders listed in the document accountable for the first outbreaks of World War II. Germany no longer wanted to be associated with other European countries, so they pulled out of the League of Nations and violated the Treaty of Versailles by focusing their spending on supplies for the new military. German citizens were mesmerized with Hitler’s political zeal and were enraptured when he reunited with Austria, forming the biggest war threat in Europe. The forbidden union of the two countries and their invasion of Poland were the final straws before the Treaty of Versailles was pragmatically abolished. Although the invasion of Poland put Germany on the brink of war once again, Hitler had the citizens’ full attention and support now that they were free from the treaty’s strict control.
Once the Nazi Party was well known throughout Germany, people traveled to hear their influential speeches and joined the political party after learning of their ideas on how to create a stronger country. After joining the Nazi Party in 1919 along with only six other members, Adolf Hitler immediately took action to ensure the success of the party and to bring in new members. After multiple meetings with little attendance, Hitler placed an advertisement in a local Anti-Semitic newspaper that shared the same ideas of the Nazi Party, and then he suggested moving the meetings to beer halls to attract more attention. After Hitler’s long, mesmerizing and charismatic speech made at a meeting, he was made the main attraction of the Nazi Party meetings and slowly attendance grew by the hundreds. When Nazi Party membership reached the thousands, Hitler chose the swastika as the party’s respectable and recognizable symbol that would be displayed on clothing and banners at every Nazi meeting. Hitler created the Sturmabteilung to serve as the party’s military wing that would march, chant, and play music at all the meetings establishing a strong sense of pride and patriotism in the hearts of Nazi Party members. Hitler and the Nazi Party were confident that they had gained enough support from German citizens to be elected into government to create a new political system to turn the country around from the stagnant depression it had been experiencing.
After World War I, Hitler successfully brought