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English Language Analysis
Amy Lowell’s poem; Midday and Afternoon

Swirl of crowded streets. Shock and recoil of traffic. The stock-still brick facade of an old church, against which the waves of people lurch and withdraw. Flare of sunshine down side-streets. Eddies of light in the windows of chemists’ shops, with their blue, gold, purple jars, darting colors far into the crowd. Loud bangs and tremors, murmurings out of high windows, whirling of machine belts, blurring of horses and motors. A quick spin and shudder of brakes on an electric car, and the jar of a church bell knocking against the metal blue of the sky. I am a piece of the town, a bit of blown dust, thrust along with the crowd. Proud to feel the pavement under me, reeling with feet. Feet tripping, skipping, lagging, dragging, plodding doggedly, or springing up and advancing on firm elastic insteps. A boy is selling papers; I smell them clean and new from the press. They are fresh like the air pungent as tulips and narcissus
1. State the overall nature and quality of the and quality of the passage
The nature of this piece is a chaotic, busy city in which the writer has shown her reactions to it and feels insignificant as she says “I am a piece of town a bit of blown dust” yet at the same time she enjoys belonging to this city as is written “Proud to fell the pavement under me, reeling with feet”.
2. Structure and its impact
There are many different elements that can determine structure used in English literature. The poet Amy Lowell uses this to her advantage through the formation and arrangement of her sentences which allows it to build up to a dramatic moment with sharp stops and short punctuated sentences although constructing it fluidly in a detailed and precise manner.
3. Language choice- analysis of specific word/words
The writer has thoroughly shown her understanding of vocabulary through adjectives to describe the qualities of people, things, and places in a sophisticated manner adding flair to her writing, and making dull sentences come alive she has also successfully created vibrant, descriptive pictures with her words. She has created beauty in her piece of writing as a poet to attract the reader and has used