Hitler and Stalin Essay

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Economic Conditions: 1) The conditions were poor and harsh 2) The unemployment rate was high Social Conditions: 1) People stopped believing in their Government. 2) Hitler built his army (the Nazis) Goals/ Aims: 1) Hitler wanted to restore the government so That people would believe in it again and Have hope. 2) Hitler also wanted to turn everyone Against the Jews and blame them for the Disastrous situation.

Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin

Economic Conditions: 1) The economy was bankrupt. 2) The first real workers’ state emerged. People began to be paid for every hour they Worked. Social Conditions: 1) Helped bring the lower class (poor people) To the middle class. 2) Created the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Goals/ aims: 1) He wanted the poor to be able to work And be paid for their work. 2) Wanted to modernize the economy

Economic conditions: 1) They were in the period of the Great Depression. 2) There wasn’t a great amount of people working Social conditions: 1) Both established totalitarian regimes 2) Their regimes resulted in them murdering thousands Of people Goals/ Aims: 1) They both aimed to rebuild their economy and Make it stronger 2) They both wanted the land that they lost In WW1 back

Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were very similar. They both ruled during the great depression, so conditions were really tough. The economy really sucked. Several people had lost their jobs. They both aimed to gain back the land that was lost in World War 1 and they both aimed to rebuild and strengthen the economy through their army.