Hitler and the nazi regime Essay

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Hitler and the Nazi regime were able to almost annihilate the entire Jewish population by their use of propaganda, they used this propaganda to become very powerful. Imagine going to sleep one night and then waking up the next morning to realize that your neighboring country has been abandoned overnight. You would be dumbfounded; you would be asking yourself how could this be possible, and the answer would be propaganda. Now propaganda did not only make it seem like all of this was okay but it also allowed Hitler and the Nazi regime to gain even more power. See at this point they had all the power that they could handle. Laws began to be issued that excluded Jews from living public lives, they were called The Nuremburg Laws, issued on September 15, 1935, these laws also included a law that stripped German Jews of their citizenship, and a law that prohibited any marriages between Jews and Germans. The Nuremburg Laws were like the foundation that was set to further anti-Jewish legislation.
Hitler and the Nazi regime should have never been able to almost annihilate an entire people. My research has lead me to believe that this was only possible through the use of their brainwashing propaganda that they created. This propaganda depicted to the Germans that the Jews must be stopped; that they are just greedy, evil, and can cause no good. A vast majority of Germans believed that this was completely ok; that it was fine for Hitler and the Nazi regime to take all of the Jews and confine them all together in concentration camps. This madness seemed ok to the Germans, which bothered me very much. Now what most people don’t know is that there wasn’t only concentration camps, Jews were sent to a variety of extermination camps, labor camps, POW camps, and transit camps. Life in Nazi concentration camps could be compared to life in hell, prisoners were not only forced to hard physical labor and given only tiny rations of soup and bread. “Prisoners slept 3 or more to a wooden bunk with no sheets or pillows.”(Rosenberg) that is absolute madness, nobody should be treated this way. One of the most cruel and unusual punishments that were forced upon some Jews was medical experiments preformed on Jews against their own will. How could anyone think this was ok? Propaganda.
One of the most shocking forms of propaganda that the Nazi’s used was literally children’s books,