Hitler Asasination Essay

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Hitler Assassination Plan
Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing this letter to inform you that a procedure has been formed for the assassination of a man by the name of Adolf Hitler. This plan is known by the name of “Operation Foxley”.
As you might not know, Hitler takes a stroll from his residence on a curtain path every day to Mooslaner Kopf and back to his residence again. During this walk that Hitler does we have found that he is heavily guarded at all times. During his walk he is all alone for the most part but has SS patrol guards which follow him at a discreet distance. Let alone that, there are also SS patrol guards at Gutshof that is located about one hundred yards of the walk. Lastly for long range Hitler has SS piquet’s five hundred yards away at the Theaterhalle and the Landhaus Goring. Now, with this heavy protection we have found a loop hole in there security to set up two snipers in between Larosbach and Mooslaner Kopf, no earlier than 1000 hrs. to give RSD dog patrol time to have passed. The position should be within two hundred yards of the route. These two highly trained snipers are going to be equipped with a Mauser sniper rifle with a telescopic sight that fires explosive bullets. Also they are going to be equipped with wire-cutters for the wire fence circled around the path, and H.E. grenades for close protection and for assistance in making a getaway. Lastly for a disguise the Marksmen’s are going to be dressed up in a Gebirgsjager uniform. This uniform is worn by the SS Fuhrerbegleitkommando and the SS Wachkompanie. This is so that if caught, guards won’t fire until striking distance when known for sure that they are hostiles.
Assuming that the snipers failed their task and Hitler made it to Mooslaner Kopf unharmed; it is okay because wave two then comes into play. Even though the snipers don’t kill Hitler they would still make a diversion attracting the guards to their