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Adolf Hitler:
How Did he Convince the Nation?

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Six million innocent people. The official number of the Holocaust. The systematic extermination of six million lives, all vanished with the crack of a gun, the shriek of a gas canister, or the grumbling sounds of stomachs everywhere. Each day the history of the holocaust is heard, and each day people have to live with whatever way the Holocaust has affected them. Six million stories interrupted by unimaginable horror, and six million names that have wandered off into smoke. The Holocaust is always thought of in terms of jaw dropping horror of a great amount of quanity. While statistics are vital to understanding what really occurred between the years of nineteen thirty-nine to nineteen forty-five, there is only one man who truly knew what was occurring. This man was named Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi regime, and what humanity sees’ to this day as a brutal and insane man.

The mass murder, presently known as the Holocaust was controlled by a German dictator, Adolf Hitler. There has been focus of many debates and arguments due to the brutality of this unpredictable man. It is accurate to say that Hitler is one of the most controversial leaders ever to walk the Earth. It is hard to comprehend by many individuals, on how such a normal looking human being could have had such a cruel mind but yet be such a powerful leader of a now dominate country. Yet again do we as a society have the full knowledge on what is considered ‘normal’? Hitler's rise to power was not through that of brutal scenarios, but his ideas of a better, superior Germany intrigued many individuals. One of the many lines Hitler spoke by to himself that again brought people into big belief that he was their savior, and that he should too come into power was to:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”(Adolf Hitler; lifestyle)

How did Hitler convince all these people that his out of the ordinary beliefs and thoughts were to be considered appropriate, for the matter of the country’s sake? Germany without a doubt had its hard times due to the Treaty of Versailles, yet how did he make it seem sensual to kill a large mass of innocent people. Truthfully Hitler was an inspirational speaker to Germany and was intelligent on persuading people to his promises, he promised them relief, promised the unemployed jobs and overall ‘hope’. Hitler began to appeal to many Germans emotions of hope to rebuild their considerable country they once had. Once the society heard what they wanted to, they blocked off the chaos that began to fill their country. Hitler made himself seem passionate, which was also one of the more intelligent ideas he had, saying that:

“The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.”(Adolf Hitler; lifestyle)

From this the people felt as if Adolf Hitler understood their personal needs, and therefore pledged their confidence in him to run the country.

Hitler had a very specific structure of luring the people, which he used for all of his speeches in order to capitalize on the susceptibility of the crowd. The very first thing he would do was to point out the commonality of the people gathered in the crowd, so that he could instantly equalize the group. The next step would be to identify a threat towards the nation, to put the crowd on edge, and stir up the emotions of anger and overall fear. The