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You at one point might have wondered how could be considered a great leader. The world as know many good leaders and many bad leaders. A good leader would be considered someone that people look up to for guidance and help. He or she must want the good for their followers and deliver what they promise. Adolf Hitler fits this description very well. Now before you go and try to justify Hitler as being a horrible leader for mass murdering people, but think about it, he may have had horrible ethics in our perspective but for him and his followers he was doing a amazing thing. He got people to follow him into horrible deeds such as mass murdering millions of innocent lives. He used his ability of words to be able to paint a beautiful picture of what lives would be without the Jewish filth. He convinced all of Germany that they could be the greatest by doing the crazy things he did. Everyone thinks Hitler was horrible and a murder beyond perspective.
Adolf Hitler was born April 20th, 1889 into a Jewish family. His parents Klara and Alois
Hitler loved him till the ends of time, but never expected what he would become. Adolf went to school until he was 16, afterwords he tried pursuing his dream of becoming an artist. At 18 he left home and ventured to Vienna to attempt to make a living. He tried applying to the Vienna
Academy of Fine Arts but was turned down which began the start of his rise.
His years of misery made him mature and shaped his personality and thoughts. He was influenced by Vienna's mayor writing, these writings were focused and the hate of communists and jews. Hitler joined the army and soon was fighting in World War I, he served under a corporal in the German army and loved the thrill of it. In turn this devastated him when the

Germans were forced to declare defeat. Ultimately Hitler vowed to restore Germany’s glory to what it once was.
Hitlers many failures in life, failing at becoming an artist and Germany’s loss in war filled him with hatred and anger. His hate of the jewish kind and Communism glew after the war when he blamed them for their defeat. Not know what Hitler would soon become, this was bad for the jews and communists.
Hitlers power started growing when he joined the Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s
Party or better know as the Natzi Party. Hitler used propaganda to gain the support and trust of common German people. Hitler might not have looked like a leader but you would be wrong, he became the Teich Chairman when Germany was in their depression. They made a small looking party into what we will probably never forget. The legacy he left, even if it was bad, he could have made the third Reich (empire). Hitlers skills were good, but not moral and was still able to become a great and respected leader. Yes Hitler was a horrible person but does that mean hes a