Hitler vs Napoleon Compare and Contrast Essay

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“Where Napoleon failed, I shall succeed. I shall land on the shores of Britain,” Adolf Hitler. Hitler and Napoleon were two powerful leaders that both attempted to rule Russia. Hitler and Napoleon had similar ideas with what they planned to do, but their way of doing it drove them apart.
There are many differences between Hitler and Napoleon. In present and past day, Napoleon is/was considered a hero and Hitler is/was considered the world’s worst dictator. During the glory days, Napoleon was referred to as a hero and military genius. Today, he is still hailed by some French and the rest of the world. Hitler was seen as a hero to some during WW2, but later on, all of Europe hated him. Today he is still seen as the world’s worst dictator, who is loathed and hated by everyone. The way Napoleon and Hitler decided to attack Russia was completely different. Hitler used a fast approach on Russia with a large force, but Napoleon did not because the only transportation at the time was buggies and horses. Napoleon was put into the army while Hitler had to work in order to get into the army. Napoleon was poor, but had blood connections to famous French conquer. He went to a very important military school. Hitler was just a WW1 soldier. However after the war, he joined a very small Nationalist group who brought street fighting and terror to many places. Obviously there are a few amount of differences between these two dictators, however, they do have a lot of similarities.
Hitler and Napoleon are alike in many ways. Both dictators set up concentration camps for political prisoners. The Jews were held in these concentration camps by both Hitler and Napoleon. Neither Hitler nor Napoleon was prepared for the Russian Winters. The Russian Winters defeated them both. They were driven back after they reached Moscow. Both their careers ended the same way; they ended in catastrophes. The Western Allies were pushing hard, and